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Why we don't wanna Party at the Park

Public parks are a fabulous setting for a child’s Birthday Party. Wide open spaces, picnic tables, usually a playground to boot, and of course you don’t have to worry about all the little grubby fingered children making messes in your home. We totally get it, and now that I’ve sold you on the idea of hosting your child’s next Birthday Party at the local park I’m going to explain why True Blue Reptiles will no longer offer our Reptile Parties at the neighbourhood playground.

Changes due to Covid initially forced our hand when our governing body asked us not to perform in public venues. Now that restrictions have for the most part lifted, we’ve felt pressure from our clients to reintroduce Reptile Parties in the park, but I’ve hesitated. Here’s why.

Let me start by saying that I’m very proud of what we’ve cultivated with True Blue Reptiles Mobile Reptile Parties. We make kids parties EASIER - with real live reptiles in your home, we educate (but don’t tell the children - they haven’t realised they’re learning anything) and we take care of the business of entertaining, and with the inclusion of Party Bags and Games, we’re the complete Reptile Party Package! And while we’re making things look easy, we’re also mitigating risks - I mean we work with both children and animals, and we all know what they say about that! I’ll be honest - it can be hectic work, and what we come to understand recently after being forced to take a break from public spaces parties, is that the number of mitigating risks in public spaces is MUCH greater than the very minimal risks of hosting a party at home.

We’ve identified the most significant risks as:

Party Games in the backyard

Wild and domesticated animals


The elements; extreme weather and rain

Stinging ants

We’ve also explored some elements of park parties that make our jobs very difficult

- those include:

Tag-along children & curious onlookers

Parking issues


Extra staff that are required to manage all of the above

If for some reason you are unable to host a party at home, not to worry because True Blue Reptiles are happy to entertain your guests at alternative venues such as; restaurants or cafes, function rooms or halls, community centres, daycare centres, venues that offer private party spaces such as indoor play centres, skating rinks, mini golf and many others. We find most venues very accommodating and we’re happy to liaise with venue management to ensure space and logistics are sorted!

So to reiterate, True Blue Reptiles will no longer be available for parties that are hosted in public spaces. We know this will be upsetting for some people, and appreciate your understanding in this matter. Please know we didn’t come to this decision easily, but we are certain this will be better for our business moving forward.

To book your next Reptile Party head over to our Parties Page for packages inclusions and rates.


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