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Reptile Shows


Everything from a quick chat and pat to a in-depth lecture on ecology, evolution and natural history. Shows can be tailored to suit all ages and academics or curriculum topics at school. Reptile shows are as unique as they're memorable.

Classroom Reptiles


Reptile shows are particularly well suited for the classroom. Topics covered are in line with the science curriculum and are discussed in age-appropriate language. Topics include:   

  • How reptiles grow & reproduce (eggs or live birth)

  • Reptile roles in the ecosystem (predator & prey)

  • Reptile adaptations for survival (role of scales)


From $300/1 hour $100/additional hour/s


Reptile Show Event.JPG
Fetes, Fairs & Open Days


Short 15 min demonstrations that repeat throughout the duration of the day. These shows highlight the amazing rather than the mundane; fast, fun & fascinating facts about our incredible native reptiles. 

Topics include:   

  • Why Australia has so many reptiles!

  • Reptile biology/ecology (how their bodies work and how they survive)

  • What you should do if you see a wild snake


$370/2 hours. Need us longer? $100/additional hour/s

Reptile Displays


Our tidy and attractive displays are suitable for; Markets, Fetes, Shopping Centres or any event where your guests will be coming and going. These displays allow your guests to get up close and view our amazing snakes and lizards at their leisure. 

What's included:

  • Snakes & Lizards displayed in attractive enclosures

  • A 'Pet Station' where your guests may pet a variety of lizards

  • A reptile handler to meet & greet


From $640/4 hours Need us longer? $100/additional hour/s

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