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True Blue Reptiles is all about highlighting the incredible diversity and fascinating ecology of Australia's often misrepresented and misunderstood native reptiles. Our demonstrations are fun and factual and get you up close and personal with pythons, lizards, turtles and crocodiles!

Shows are suitable for little kids, big kids and those of you (like myself) that are really just  'kids at heart'. True Blue Reptiles is based on the Gold Coast and operates as a mobile service; invite us along to your home, office, public venue, anywhere!

Hi, I'm Sarah Jane proprietor of True Blue Reptiles. My mother could tell you some stories about me as a toddler who liked nothing more than pulling on the tails of kangaroos and goannas, what can I say? Nothing much has changed.

In 2008 I was employed as a tour guide/wildlife keeper, it was during this time that I developed a real dedication to the collection of captive reptiles. So when work there finished up, my partner was horrified (but not surprised) that I insisted the reptiles needed to come home to live with us. The rest is history. Our many slithering tenants we've found stoically refuse to pay rent, and so we've all gone back to work together educating and entertaining audiences.

We keep well-handled (non-venomous) pythons, lizards, crocodiles and a funny turtle named Stanley who considers himself the star of the show!

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