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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

What we're doing, how it affects our operations and what that means for our clients


The 'New Normal'

Date: 17/03/2021


We're almost back to business as usual, it's almost NORMAL; it is, the 'New Normal' and this is what that looks like for us:

1. You can party at home without guest restrictions* You may now book us to perform at a private venue (residence) with only a few conditions in place:

  • you must abide by the Qld government rules surrounding gatherings in homes.

  • strict social distancing must be maintained by participants and guests alike throughout our visit.

  • participants 4 years and younger must be supervised to ensure social distancing is maintained. 

2. You can party at a venue. You may continue to book a True Blue Reptile Party at a venue with a COVID-safe plan in place, you may have as many guests as the venue can accommodate. Social distancing rules still apply. 


3. Parks are not an option just yet.  We love partying at the local park or playground, but animals are a real drawcard! So for now True Blue Reptiles will continue to avoid public places were crowding may occur such as parks or shopping centres. 

*If there is community transmission in Qld, measures in impacted parts of the State may include reduced gathering in homes and public spaces.


Please note that these conditions are subject to change without notice.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 

Sarah Jane Connop

Propriator True Blue Reptiles

At a glance

  • True Blue Reptiles are operating: With restrictions in place as per mandatory rules set by the Queensland government. 

  • How we are mitigating risk :

    • Physical distancing; staff and clients will be required to maintain physical distancing.

    • For indoor premises; one person per 2m square; staff to coordinate with venue 

    • Hand hygiene; staff and clients are required to maintain good hand hygiene, staff to provide hand sanitiser. 

    • Respiratory hygiene; staff and clients are required to maintain good respiratory hygiene. Staff are required to stay at home if they have cold or flu like systems. 

    • Updating and reviewing our policies and procedures, and consulting with staff on effectiveness.

    • Avoiding bookings where managing social distancing will be difficult (see services that are unavailable at this time below).

    • PPE; staff will use facial masks during human/animal interactions


  • Social distancing: Social distancing must be maintained (1.5 metre rule). This includes staff, and clients. Please note, This WILL affect the typical running of True Blue Reptiles shows and parties. Clients will be required to respect social distancing rules by maintaining space between themselves and others of at least 1.5 metres. 

  • Services that are unavailable at this time:

    • Premium Reptile Party

  • New Services that are available: Zoom shows are available by request for a nominal fee. Phone for more information 0431 093 181

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