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Kayla's Lizard Party


Kayla had seen True Blue Reptiles on a few occasions, and it was clear she had a connection with the bearded dragon 'Chip'. When she turned 7 recently, Kayla wanted to party with with not only her friends, but with some lovable lizards too. It wasn't just lizards that crashed the party, but an assortment of reptiles including; snakes, turtles and even a baby crocodile. The turtle wanted to eat little children sized fingers, and everyone wanted to cuddle with their favourite animals. Kayla was reunited with 'Chip' and showed everyone what a cool chick she is by holding one of True Blue Reptiles loooongest snakes. In addition to the reptile show and photo time, we played some games like, pin-the-tail on the lizard and some other game with green laundry baskets? Oh and the cake was a home made with a blue tongue lizard on top (tasty too).


Thanks munchkin Love SJ 

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