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Rylan's Reptile Party


Rylan is right into reptiles and regularly practices his wildlife presenting with the assistance of rubber snakes and lizards. So for his 6th birthday, it made sssence that it should be a Reptile Party! It didn't take long for us to notice that Rylan is a True Blue Reptile ranger in the making as he handled the lizard expertly and showed his mates how to pet it. Rylan was kissed by a girl, but it was okay because it was only a blue-tongue lizard. Rylan also; made friends with a turtle, stared down the rainbow serpent, helped me wash the worms, and was incredibly patient by agreeing to be a tree for a lizard to sit on. Rylan wrangled a crocodile and was a perfect gentleman by holding an enormous python for me when my arms were tired. Thanks Rylan for inviting us to your Reptile Party. 


Love Sarah Jane (aka the Reptile Lady)

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